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Since the very beginning, Gamaplast has been trying to develop and improve quality control processes, allowing us to guarantee the highest level of offered services and meet our customers’ needs. Since we obtained the first certificates confirming the compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 in 2010, we have been operating in accordance with their guidelines, thus we are able to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. We also confirm this by periodical positive results of process audits for compliance with VDA 6.3.

The quality reproducibility of our products is achieved through supervised application of systemic procedures and continuous improvement. The constant cost control and investing in modern machinery enable us to offer the highest quality at competitive prices. The quality control department, equipped with modern equipment, takes care of maintaining the high quality of manufactured products and injection moulds.

The use of coordinate measuring technique with the use of a 3D Mistral machine gives the possibility of measurement in 3 axes, which allows us to quickly check the accuracy of the elements, determine possible manufacturing problems, and then establish best error-proof solutions. We also possess the Vertex 310 automatic microscope, which precise measurement results are particularly important in the production of technical products that can be measured with the use of the optical method only.

The quality control takes place at every stage of production process, starting from the raw materials’ inspection performed immediately after their delivery, through visual and measuring control of products during production, to the final batch inspection before shipment.


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