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Gamaplast specializes in constructing and manufacturing of injection moulds, production of plastic products by injection moulding and machining. We offer services tailored to individual needs and execute original projects owing to skilful combination of our knowledge and experience in new market trends.

35 years of experience and our own construction office allow us to offer comprehensive customer services and execute orders from the development stage of the product concept to the multiseries production level.

Our tool shop has a modern and well- equipped machine park and offer a wide range of services in the field of machining.

The injection moulds and plastic products manufactured by us are used in many branches of industry. We cooperate with numerous European contractors, to whom we offer high quality and technologically advanced products. We supply , among others, the office, advertising, electrotechnical, lighting, medical, gardening and automotive industries.

Important dates

  • 1984 r. Founding of Gamaplast. First patent for cap seals. First injection moulding machine WH 15/40.

  • 1985 - 1997 r. Extension of the machine park and the company's facilities. Purchase of new CS 80/400 injection moulding machines. Expansion of the tool shop and purchase of a RUP grinder, milling machine and lathe.

  • 1996 - 1997 r. Extension of the new company headquarters at 12 F Międzychodzka Street.

  • 1998 r. Gamaplast invests in a new machine park - 8 Krauss Maffei injection moulding machines. Next patent for the Ekofix grid.

  • 1999 - 2001 r. Increase in production capacity by another 8 injection moulding machines.

  • 2003 r. Gamaplast focuses on quality - introduction of Quality Management System and ISO 9001 Certificate.

  • 2006 r. Gamaplast joins the prestigious group of Business Gazelles.

  • 2007 r. With the use of EU funds, Gamaplast builds and equips a new production hall worth over 10 million PLN, increasing the operating area to over 10'000 m2.

  • 2009 r. Tool room expansion - purchase of a precision grinder and a machining centre with a five-axis range of work and tooling within the framework of the LRPO subsidy for 2007-2013.

  • 2010 r. Obtaining the ISO/TS 16949:2009 certificate.

  • 2011 r. Gamaplast increases production capacity - purchase of 5 injection moulding machines with peripheral devices under the Technological Credit Priority Axis Investments in Innovative Undertakings OPIE 2007-2013 subsidy.

  • 2015 - 2017 r. A new warehouse shed is created. Gamaplast develops the tool shop by investing in a modern CNC machining centre and machines with peripheral devices within the framework of the POIG 2007-2013 subsidy.

  • 2018 r. A new assembly line is created, significantly increasing the scope of provided services.

  • 2019 r. Gamaplast celebrates its 35th anniversary. We expand our trade offer and present a new company image.


injection moulds manufactured for our customers


tons of steel used to produce moulds

80 000

tons of processed materials


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experienced employees


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