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The innovation of solutions is our priority. We pay a lot of attention to our designers work. The staff of perfectly educated specialists is engaged in the whole process of creating the product, starting from the project up to mass production. All the our Clients orders are realized on the basis of the individual needs and in direct cooperation with them.

We work with the use of modern construction programs such as:
Pro/Engineer (CAD/CAM)

In order to model the process of the injection of thermoplastic materials we utilize the software Moldflow MPA8 which permits to conduct the simulation of the injection process with taking into consideration all of its phases.
The computer simulations conducted right on the stage of creation of the product let the constructor to design the injection form properly and choose the favorable conditions of processing. The implementation of the simulation allows to introduce the changes in the project which are to optimize the shape of the product and its construction form with the reference to the technology of injection.

Below you can see an example of using software sinulation::
  • Warpage simulation and minimalization

  • Material floating analize

  • Analizing and choosing hot channel deviders